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Retrofitting genuine options

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Hello, i don’t know if many people here like to work on their verso like i do, but i definately want to share my experiences and learn about yours.

i bought a standard verso. A really standard one, as i had no choice on that very moment. As i like working on cars i improved my Verso by the following:

Cruise control

My Verso came without cruise control. Studying the internet learned that many toyota’s came prewired, so i gave it a shot. Just buy a £20 cruise control switch on ebay. Make sure the connecting cable is included. Remove the airbag, drill a hole in the steering column trim. Install the switch and connect the cable and it works. Including the Cruise Control light in the dashboard.


No foglights as standard on my Verso. I bought the foglight trim and foglights on ebay, and connected it to the existing wire loom behind the foglights. I bought a different light switch for the steering wheel column , including the front foglight. They can be found on ebay or a car breaker. Wireloom plugs all fit perfectly! But they did not work! Fog light fuse is already installed so that is not the problem. You need to buy a simple relay and install it behind the gearstick trim beneath the radio. It works! Including the front foglight light in the dash.


Even a simple armrest was not installed. It’s plug and play. Try to make sure if you buy one, it includes the 12v socket and the ambient light. Your wireloom already has the neccessary plugs and it will work



next to come:

* heated seats

* folding mirrors

* leaving home module


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Where did you buy the armrest?

Can you post a pic of it please? Thank you.

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When you fit your fog lights, did you need to remove the bumper?

My fog light has been broken by stone I suspect.

Any instructions in fitting the light is appreciated.



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Thanks to the original poster - due to this I was able to fit cruise control to my 2012 verso, and they’re even cheaper now - £11.99 on eBay!

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