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My sat nav stopped working and when I have had it checked out, the I have been told it has been wiped. It says this is not installed. Do I need a disc and code and where can I get these from

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Hi Benjamin, welcome to TOC 🙂

Presumably this is Touch & Go? This is a modular system where the nav is a separate module to the head unit. The first thing that I would check is connections between the nav module & the head unit. It's also possible (although not normal) I suppose that the nav module has failed after 7 years. Don't suppose that you have an extended warranty?

Normally you would update the nav module from the USB port but if the  head unit can't "see" the nav unit ... 


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Hi thank you. All connections have been checked by an auto electrician. He has said the sat nav has been wiped and is not even installed now. Would this happen if the nav module had failed. Thanks

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you could try asking multimedia@toyota.co.uk or consult your dealer.  I imagine that if the nav module has failed & the head unit can't "see" it then the head unit would act as if not installed You could also source another satnav module from a breaker, ebay etc. but it might not be worth the cost as it's a 7+ year old system ...

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