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Rear brakes Knocking 2005 1.3 vvti Yaris

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Hi Guys

About 18 months ago I started getting a knocking on rear when applying the brakes now to cut along story short when I took the drum off and cleaned them out it would stop for a few weeks but now what ever I do its there permanently it is something to do with the revolution of the wheel cos it gets slower or faster depending on my speed its driving me crackers cos I just cannot find the problem the shoes look really good so i am stumped can anyone help please.


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Have you tried wiggling the road wheel to check it is not a bearing going?

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Did you apply copper grease on bottom edge of shoe, and self adjusting part, and red rubber or silicone grease on piston? You  can also apply deep penetration spray where the bearing turns. 

I also had a knocking sound, and hand brake felt soft, my shoe had slipped at the bottom.

But it could be a bearing too, check the noise level using your phone?

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