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Radio play without engine running

Brian Austin

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Press the power button once without your foot on the brake, that will bring up accessory mode. The radio is now available (along with other media sources).

Press it a second time without your foot on the brake and you'll get "ignition" mode, where the ventilation system and other electrics will be available. 

Press it again and everything goes off.


Note that you wouldn't want to do this for very long as the 12v Battery isn't large like it is in non-hybrid cars.

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If the Battery can physically fit in the Battery bay, sure, you can put a Battery with higher amperage, the car can only benefit from it, esp during winter times.

You can measure the one you have now to get measures while shopping for new one, or check your owners manual (preferably online version from Toyota UK) for more info and recommended amperage.

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Why not just keep the car in ready mode if necessary, any conventional car left with working radio few hours and Battery will be dead too. The smaller 12v Battery in Toyota hybrids is fitted for a reason, don’t just put bigger in because you may end up with more problems and again flat Battery because the bigger batteries than what actually system is designed for don’t get recharged properly and  died prematurely. 1000’ of private hire drivers keep their cars in ready mode for hours daily, just drive around London in the night and you will see many Priuses with their DRL on while waiting. 


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