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Windscreen washers not working

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Hi guys,

I'm a Auris owner from one week.The car is 2014 hybrid wagon  and I'm generally pretty happy with the condition. Has 161 k km on the clock and everything is working except the washers -both front and back.

I've found the owners manual and checked the fuses and they are OK. seems like the relay is not working. Do you know where I can find the relay location or service manual(not owners)The pump is only one as far as I can see and I need to remove the front bumper to get to it.

I was unable to find it with the search option.

Thank you in advance,


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You can use the service manual from here, but it's payable access https://www.toyota-tech.eu/Aim/Aim.aspx 3 euros for 1 hour, should be enough to get what you need, and you can save/print it.

I presume you have left hand drive model, on first generation it was all together, so maybe you have it the same on 2nd gen.

You can also go to http://japan-parts.eu and if you have the relay part number, see where it's located, or try to find it manually and see.


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Thank you for your help! In the end it was the pump that's not working and the previous owner lied about it. I'm searching for a replacement.


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Luckily the part is quite cheap, even new, hopefully it wont be too much time ocnsuming, good luck.

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