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Remote opening of windows in hot weather

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I've been really glad I got my dealer to enable the feature that opens and closes all windows (and moon roof if fitted) from outside the car by holding the unlock or lock remote button respectively (I still don't understand why this isn't enabled by default).

As soon as I'm in range, I hold the unlock button (unlock first) and all the windows open, so by the time I reach the car the worst of the heat has been let out.

I then start the car, press them button to move my seat to my driving position (I have another setting for easier entry/exit), switch on the climate control if not already on and shut the widows - probably helps use a little less fuel to run the A/C.

I now realise I could have had this feature switched on in my last Prius (but from the manual it looked like it might have only been available if the moonroof was fitted).  This time I asked my dealer to check and they found it did work just for windows if, like in my case, the moonroof option wasn't wanted.  (Anyone know why they stopped calling them sunroofs?).  My dealer hadn't been aware this option was in the list, and said no one had ever requested it before (but then, how many people are sad enough to (electronically) thumb through over 1,000 pages of manual - twice!).

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same hear, I wanted it for the same reason, having dogs I open the windows and rear boot to let the hot air out once we are in range 

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