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I’m looking to purchase a dash cam for my 16 plate avensis. My requirements for the dash cam:

1 Compact design.

2 Resolution and Night Viewing.

3 WIFI Connectivity.

4 Hard wired into cars electrics.

5 Best sd card to buy.

Any help or advice from owners or places to purchase and install would be much appreciated. 

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I had my MiVue Dashcam hard wired into my Avensis by Halfords. I sat in driver's seat and watched the technician do it. He made a 1st class job of it and the charge is £30. I didn't buy the Dashcam from Halfords. Couldn't say whether MiVue dashcams are any better than other brands because I have not tried others. Mine works fine.

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2 & 3 are probably going to increase the price -what is your budget?

fyi I run Thinkware f800 Pro front & rear with a 128GB SD card. Definitely not the cheapest solution but does what I need (parking mode performance is important to me).

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Hi Damian,

If your considering buying a dash-cam, consider buying one that gives you rear vision as well as forward vision.

Drivers are just as likely to hit you from being. 

The dash-cam I have is a Nextbase Duo. The very minimum card to use is 32mb but buy the largest capacity storage the device takes.

I've had mine now several years. It's hard wired into the fuse box via a hard wire kit that is available on the internet for about £10.00.

It's worth shopping around. I saw brand new one on the internet £20.00 cheaper than Halfords price. I took the details to Halfords and they matched the price. So I bought it from them. They will wire it for you too if you buy the product from them.

At least you can say it's been professionally installed.

There is an issue with the mount. The swivel fixing is a bit flimsey, the small cross headed screw needs tightening to take up the wear. I've only done this once.

Halfords also sells a thin black circular plastic mount that fixes to the windscreen first, then you mount the camera to this. Better adhesion. £3-4.

I have mine positioned high near the mirror. It has the features you require.

It's expensive but I think worth it, especially if it records an RTA and you can use it as evidence.

Of course, it works both ways if you are to blame!

Your car insurance may give you a slight reduction in your annual price but every little helps.

Hope this helps.


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Just to let you know that a number of our insurance schemes do offer discounts for the fitment of a HD dash cam.



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Hi Dan.

I have 2 cars insured with you and both are fitted with HD dash cams, Silent Witness SW010. Please send me a private message if you want further details.

Regards, Mike.

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