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Will a Replacement windscreen invalidate warranty

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Hi all, first time posting on anything like this, so please be kind.

I have a yaris 2017 and now have a crack on the windscreen. Insurance company says I have to use autoglass.  If they don't use a genuine Toyota windscreen will this invalidate warranty or cause me too loose value when I trade in after 3 years.


Thank you

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Whether or not Autoglass use a Toyota screen (bear in mind that Toyota's screens are made by one of their suppliers, rather than by Toyota), the windscreen will be covered by Autoglass' lifetime warranty on the screen and the installation. Looks like OEM glass for the Yaris is supplied by AGC - https://www.agc-arg.com/pl/node/144

Replacement screens are common nowadays and won't adversely affect the car's value come trade-in provided it isn't damaged at the time of trade-in.

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I contacted toyota on Twitter who said windscreen had to be genuine toyota part. Contacted autoglass who have said that it comes from the same manufacturer, just doesn't have the word toyota on it.  If I want toyota printed on the windscreen I would have to pay extra. Finally went into dealership who have said that it doesn't need the toyota label on it as it will be to standard.  When I asked if they could do the work for me, they said that they didn't do the work on site and they use autoglass.

Thank you for your help and if anyone else has the same issue, hope this information helps.

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In previous new cars we've had, the glass is marked with the details of the OEM supplier rather than the car manufacturer's details. For example the glass in my 2016 Aygo has the name AGC on (Asahi Glass Company), not Toyota.

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Autoglass said if I wanted it to have the toyota stamp it would cost me more.  Decided just to go with standard option. New windscreen all fitted and guess what stamp was in the bottom right hand corner... TOYOTA.

thanks for input everyone and hopefully wont have to have a new windscreen for another 25 years of driving.

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