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rav 4.2 cheap and quality reverse camera and sensors

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Ok got this good example low mileage  rav4 , its knocking on 14 years old but plenty life left so needing a bit of up to date tech as keeping it for a couple of years.

apologies if im repeating other threads its 



REVERSE SENSORS,, a bit of an enigma with this swinging door setup with spare wheel and towbar .

......... after a wasted couple of hours fitting a cisbo system from Amazon costing £19 it was unreliable with false alarms all the time and could not be trusted ( sent back for a refund)

So a parksafe model ps640 i somehow managed to get on Amazon prime for £7.99 (same one as in eurocarparts circa £35)

The hard work was already done drilling and figuring out a tidy install however sensor size on this kit was smaller and too small for holes drilled in bumper.GRRRR

Close up pic you can see sensor has a double step this is the Shell from first set of sensors with inners removed and bored to 18mm to fit perfectly , this system works perfect and very pleased.



REVERSE CAMERA not the best of angles due to low reg plate

..........Amazon again for a Boscam K3 wired kit.. seen rave reviews and worth a punt at £38,  very pleased also , tidy install monitor tucked in right hand as seen with cable up behind pillar airbag along roof and down back pillar to lighting area. great picture quality day and night and bought another for my c class , merc diy option is a video switcher over sat nav input and quite complex cables and setup at near £500 DIY kit so i can live with another screen on my car for the big savings... again very pleased with the results and it was well worth the effort 


left sensors.jpg

right sensors.jpg


sensor close up.jpg

clean install.jpg

box mounted.jpg


boscam close.jpg

rear cam.jpg

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