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Tuning options on a 55 2.2 d4d tspirit


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Hi all I’m considering buying a friends 2.2 avensis diesel estate for the new family bus as my a6 went bang I was just wondering what the tuning options are for performance wise and if anyone has gone this route 

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Marc, welcome to TOC 🙂

You need to be aware that a small % of 2.2s (2AD- series) pre-Feb/2009 in Avensis develop head/headgasket issues that would cost more than the car is worth to fix according to Toyota's standards. Toyota did have a free customer service campaign for those that did up to 7 years or 112,000 miles (whichever came first) but that ended several years ago as all the potentially affected engines were now over 7 years old.

afaik the encryption on the ECU was finally cracked so can now be remapped by some outfits.

If you do buy it & chip/remap it I would strongly suggest that you also upgrade the brakes, if only to improve feel, & if you drive at night fit uprated headlight bulbs.

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I think they are a good car if you are realistic as to what you are buying .

1) they don't like to be hustled off the mark once moving into second then they pull really nice ( if rushed of mark they rev to quick and 1st is over before you know and your over revving the old girl ) short shifting is your friend with this car.

2) if you are going to tune it I wouldn't bother its quick enough ,your only burn out the clutch and flywheel £1000 

3) run quality diesel and make sure it has a 40 minute run at 2k revs and 50mph if dpf fitted once a week idling in traffic all week on school runs will do it no favours .

4) invest in quality tyres and decent brake pads (if your a roundabout to roundabout racing junkie)

of course this is only my opinion mine was. 2012 2.2 estate 

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10 hours ago, Morley420 said:

Brilliant thanks for all ur help everyone I’m buying it on Saturday il keep everyone posted on my progress

is it a 150bhp (2AD-FTV) or 177bhp (2AD-FHV) 2.2 D4D?

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I only have the 2.0 but i also was looking around for beefing up the Power, but as mentioned before the head gasket is not made to handle much more than it allready has.

I made my self a open air filter With some parts for a ford pickup, made a great sound, and i ran With it for a while but went back to the Stock air filterbox With a KN filter.

I have lowered the car With the Eibach prokit (25mm i think). Have installed a front upper stabilizer bar from wiecher and fitted ventilated (slotted) brakes.

The car is now a different car, so much nicer to drive.

When my 2.0 dies i will look for a 2.2 With low milage and do the same With that one.

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