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Rear wheel bearing


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Hello again everyone not been on here for quite some time due to serious illness.

Anyway has anyone had to change a rear wheel bearing on a 2009 Yaris SR, I had to do my wifes a couple of weeks ago. It involves changing the complete rear hub which includes the ABS sensor, the job is pretty straight forward if like me you have a large slide hammer which I still had from my Escort Mexico days and was used to remove the rear half shafts 

The reason Im asking is ours failed at 21,500 miles and just wondered if this is normal, I wouldnt have thought so myself. I contacted Toyota and they wanted £250.00, each!

I sourced a Blueprint one for £90.00 and its working fine.

Regards Pete.

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Hope you get better. But I could not get mine off. Though servicing the drum brake has made the car more quiet. I just sprayed where the bearing turns, with deep penetration spray and it seems to be OK. Though I am on 63,000 miles and not 21,000, maybe the Yaris has kissed a kerb.


I think a couple of people have had good results with a German eBay shop at about £25 the post is about 2 or 3 months old on this forum.....

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Cheers mate, you need a tool like this it fits on to the wheel studs then you put the wheel nuts on and use the slide hammer part and its off in 5 seconds, I made this tool years ago to remove Ford Escort half shafts , I think yours will have to be done eventually. The other thing to be aware of is its a bit fiddly to get the ABS plug off the back of the hub when youre working on the car at floor level, on a ramp it will be easy.


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I will probably have to change it, hope against hope next mot.

But I have ordered this


And a 3 gear pulley set very cheap from eBay. So I am a little prepared if it fails next mot in 10 months time.

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