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Gen 2 Auris Hybrid Catloc now available.

Devon Aygo

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi All,

I had my cat converter stolen last week from Auris Hybrid MK2 (2013 registration). I am looking at the catlock and I really would like know whether they install a shield or it's like a clamp with a chain (on pictures it looks green)? It seems that the shield is a better deterrent than the chain. Would really appreciate your answers on that. Thank you.

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I have a MK2 Auris hybrid with a CATLOC fitted by toyota from the previous owner. Recently the catalytic converter is making contact with the CATLOC sheet as I go over any bumps in the road and makes almost a repeated rickashay type of noise as if the converter is moving up and down at really fast frequency over the course of a second. Anyone else experience this with their CATLOC/Converter coming into contact? 

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10 weeks with a out car, cost £29,000 and on finance , so we are paying for it while is sits deterioration in a dealers compound

I dont agree with anyone who believes this is not Toyotas fault, They knew about about this from the beginning, so how come out Auris was allowed to roll of the production line without a Tilt Alarm and Without a cover over the Cat. Toyota asking nearly £500 to retro fit these items but they could have been fitting them at the factory factory for peanuts.

It's excusable,  Cats have being stolen from Prius and Auris for years.

Ally wheels became the new accessory , Ally wheels got stolen , Locking wheels nuts invented

Car stereos being stolen window smashed,  Stereo and radios became integrated

Steering locks ripped out with a slide hammer , Coded remote control for locking

Catalytic Converter worth £1000 fitted under car to be stolen in two minutes, No action taken by the manufacturers,

It's the stupid fault of the owner for not asking to have ant-theft devices fitted at extra cost , Even though we didn't know about the epidemic.

A main dealer tells me that for the last 18 months they fit Tilt Alarm and CatLoc to ALL used Hybrids prior to selling them and build it in to the retail price. Maybe if Toyota paid for this on all Hybrid still in circulation it would bring this epidemic to a halt, possibly would cost as much as a stand at the motor show.

If you want protection , don't waste £250 for a Catloc plate which can be removed with little effort go to Mt Carmax 53-55 The Gardens, behind the Tesco Express, Harrow HA1 4HE, they wrap the CAT in wire steel cage wwil never come off in the lifetime of the car.





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