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ABS codes

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Hi all,

New to this particular forum as an active member, but have found it to be a great source of information at times, thanks to all contributors.

Now, I have an issue I have’nt found the answer to, and have I somehow managed to miss it, please let me know.

My ST205 has spontaneously developed an ABS error, and generates Code 35. First question: left front OR rear right sensor is not all that precise, and the phrasing ”open”, what does that really mean? No continuity as in a severed wire/cable?

In any case, more info is needed before attempting to remove either of these sensors as they will most likely come apart in my hands upon doung so, and finding replacement ABS sensor for this vehicle is very hard and expensive. Now to my second question: Do any of you good people have any first hand experience with successfully performing Toyotas special WSS test, as described in the workshop manual and also in this thread?

A pretty old thread, so I figured I’d create a new one. 

My issue is that I can’t seem to get the car to go into diagnostic mode (ABS light flashing four times/second). If I perform the steps exactly as decribed I just get the solid ABS light, no flashing. However! If I also pull the short pin beforehand, it does seem to work as it will indeed flash as indicated. So far so good one might think, but if I perform the following steps, stop for >1 sec on level ground, drive above 45km/h for a while etc., nothing at all happens. The ABS light does not respond as it should, just keeps flashing 4times/sec, and when I attempt to retrieve the ”special” codes (71, 72, 73...) i just get the same old 35...

So, what am I doing wrong? Anyone tried this? 

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