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1zz throttle body

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Hello folks, in the middle of fitting a 1zz throttle body, injectors and intake onto my 4zz and have a question. There are two lines that run coolant too and from the throttle body, can anyone tell me what line goes where on the 1zz vs the 4zz. I took an educated guess matching the lines between the two (yellow/green cable ties) as the pic below will show, but can anyone tell me if i've gotten it correct?

What concerns me was that when installed and running when hooked up as shown, the part of the throttle body the coolant runs through started to get quite hot, hotter than i would expect it to get for running for the length of time it did and i don't want to damage it. 


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This is from the 4zz manual, throttle body installation, and it looks like there is no specific order for the hoses.


I don't have the manual for 1zz to compare, but i guess it's the same case.

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