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Miracast and Mirror Link

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On the Corolla input it has the option to miracast

On settings there is an option for mirrorlink usb only or usb and wifi

Which are you supposed to use

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If I had your car (jealous), I would experiment. Obviously you need to make time, but once you find out what works, you will then have a setup that is best for you. I had a loan Yaris hybrid and set the infotainment system to my liking, including pairing my phone. 
I hope the mirrorlink works because it seems the Toyota system is not very good, reading from other posts. Android Auto and Apple Carplay will be welcome upgrades. I am using my Samsung Galaxy S8 with voice commands, and have a choice of map apps - Google Driving, Here maps (with full map download), Waze.
The point I am making is I am driving a '09 Avensis with a standard stereo, Bluetooth/USB adapter on top of the standard calls only bluetooth, yet have all the functions and convenience that should be in the new Corolla!

I would be slightly disappointed when other brands are offering better functionality. I hope mirrorlink works. 👍     

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I don't think there's anything significantly wrong with Toyota's infotainment system. There's a couple of minor bugs but nothing that impacts functionality. The UI is reasonably well laid out and responsive. The sat nav system is a mix of crude and clever but again perfectly functional.

I can't really see why I'd want anything more than I already have with the phone paired through bluetooth. If I didn't have the sat nav then being able to project my mobile screen onto the infotainment unit would be nice but sticking the phone in a holder where I can see it would be perfectly acceptable.

What are people hoping to use Mirrolink/Mirrorcast/Apple car play/Android auto for?

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I agree overall the system is pretty good, and leagues ahead of the ford sync system in my previous car.
The android Auto and Apple car play is just going to give that tighter integration between car and phone for those that desire it, which is quite a lot given how standard it is now these days.
I'd rather use Google maps or Waze rather than the Toyota nav system but you will most likely lose the integration with Toyota's system specifically the turn by turn popups on the driver display (an assumption on my part).
Mirror link or Miracast is the half way point between the Toyota system and Google or Apple's systems and is probably far more inferior and prone to buggy behaviour and will lack the smoother integration.

I think it's quite likely we will get it on the already manufactured 2019 Corolla's and I'm hoping the next update to the MEU will include outstanding bugs and Android Auto and Apple Car play!

Myself being in the android camp!

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Had an email from Sygic (sat nav app) that it was now Mirrorlink compatible, connected my phone to the car system via a USB cable and all is working great.  I prefer Sygic to the Toyota satnav system, nicer looking interface and I have been using it for quite a few years and paid for the worldwide version, it uses TomTom maps (all free) and having done a few fly-drive holidays it saves renting a satnav in the country you are visiting.  There is a one off charge for the Mirrorlink access (it's on a free 10 day trial currently), but I might wait as they often have sales and it might be reduced in price.

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8 hours ago, Fake_Empire said:

Hi Sidrat, does it work while car is in motion? Did you install something besides Sygic nav app?

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Matus, works fine while moving, when I first connected it a file was downloaded and installed on my phone but apart from that just the app itself. Used it yesterday without a problem, and a nice interface to use.

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