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Cruise control

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I bought a EAGLE cruise control , it is really a speed controller. It is mechanical and has black and red wire to be connected.

The red wire needs to go to the break light switch, which is connected to a relais inside the cruise control.

So whenever I break this will then automatically shut off the cruise control.

Can anybody tell me which is the Plus inside the break light switch ? (see picture)

I took off the plug and saw two flat pins and two small pins.

I contacted the wire on the big pins, but then the cruise control didnot function anymore and I was not able to switch it on.

Then I did connect it to the small pins and it gave the same result

Can anybody help me with this question.

I am living in Holland and will go on Sunday to Austria, so I hope to have fix this before the weekend.

Regards, Bert


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using a multi meter set on 20v dc test between earth on the car and one of the pins

1 pin will be the live side the other pin will be a switched live cable

i.e. only becomes live when the pedal is pressed.

the light earth will be found on the rear light multi plug.

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Hi Mark,

Usefull advice !  Althought I didnot use the multi meter, I figured out it was the right big pin which was the switch live pin.

For anybody who wants to build in a cruise control.

Regards, Bert


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