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Buy 2007 2.2d4d in 2019

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So i currently have a 2003 d4d avensis with 243K miles,

its my daily doing 70miles aday,

i have a 2005 2.2 d4d in the shed as a project

BUT i have just seen a 2007 2.2 d4d high spec with only 117K photo attached. i could use my 2.2 avensis in the shed for spares, 

what all issues are there with the 2.2


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It all comes down to the cost.

You have a long commute so those miles will rack up quickly, so it's not easy to suggest looking at petrol instead.

If that mileage of 117k is real (doubt it, it's so easy to change it) then I guess it'll live for a couple of years before some major stuff happens.


These engines had headgasket issues. Toyota says that only a very small percentage of them were affected but all dealer techs I've talked to said that every 2nd engine they sold came back for warranty work or already blown.

Also everything on diesel is much more expensive. God forbid your injectors **** the bed, that's 1000+ in parts alone.

Drive shafts like to break in these due to the torque and changing them is not a fun job.

DMF always has to get changed when doing clutch work, easily 1500+.

And if it's a manual then those gearboxes weren't the best. Multiple concerns about various bearings dying, vibrations at acceleration further wearing it down and such.


But other than that they're great, i.e., they're great while they run. But take into account the cost of repairs and adjust it to how much you're going to save on fuel costs. It certainly doesn't balance out in my case.

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Petrol are very rare in our area, 90% are driving diesel's. it's all we know. i have worked on the 2.0 d4d and 2.2 d4d engines (as a hobby) i do know about the head gasket too. its a tough call, :/

i went to a dealer and took out a 2015 Focus ford 1.6tdci for a test drive, was nice inside but my old old 2003 d4d was very bit as good to drive.

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