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Front offside mechanical noise

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This noise can be felt though the steering wheel. It is not there all the time, I have driven around trying to check when the sound happens. I have had into the Toyota garage several times and they cannot find the problem, but to me I thought it was something to do with the drive system ,but now l’m more to the suspension as the noise can be herd more times when the car is doing less then 15 mph. Has anybody had this problem / noise?


Jeff Homan




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Does it remotely fit in with this? 

I don't think I could feel the noise that we had in our car, but it sounds like you ought to be able to, if that makes any sense!


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Hi does your car have a steering knock? Good way to check is if you turn your car on with all windows up AC and radio also off, must be very quite inside car, once done, center your steering and turn it left to right about 20 degrees. Repeat as many times as u can back and forth. See if you can hear a knocking sound which will be quite distinctive and easy to hear. If there is a steering knock you will need to replace a bolt in the steering u join. It's a factory issue and toyota has made a high torque replacement bolt. Easy fix! This knock can be heard when driving at low speeds and can also quite easily be mistaken for suspension issues.

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