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Adblue - starting impossible in 950 miles

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I have topped up the Adblue in my 2018 Proace verso, but The warning saying that starting will be impossible in 950 miles persists.

Any ides how to rectify this?

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Hi Matt, welcome to TOC 🙂

What does the manual say?

(& bear in mind that it's really a PSA vehicle so it may be worth checking on PSA forums))

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Probably be worth contacting your dealer re this and using the Toyota recall checker -

Two posts extracted from the Citroen Cactus forum:

1) Just had same same as above...generic engine fault & UREA fault lamp, 700miles remaining until it refuses to start.

Just brimmed the adblue with ~4liters and hoping for the best...if not a call to the dealer tomorrow!
2) Currently awaiting delivery and installation of:

New Adblue Tank
Level Sensor

Adblue pump wiring recall complete, as well as bonnet and a/c recalls.

Had a look before it went in I was hedging bets on a split tank or hose. Plenty of evidence of white residue on the NSR underside and after topping up lots of white urea patches left on the drive...

Thankfully all under warranty...

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