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"Check parking brake system"

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Hi guys, 

I have a 2010 T27 Avensis 2.2 D-Cat engine. It's done 264k miles!!! 

I took it for a routine service at my local garage (Not Toyota themselves) and have been using this garage for over 10 years. Very reputable and good service received since I've been a customer of theirs. 

On this occasion the rear brake pads needed to be changed so I told them to go ahead and get the rear pass changed as well as carrying out the service. 

After changing the pads, there's a message showing on the Square display continuously saying check parking brake system. Also there's two yellow lights that are continuously on both with exclamation marks 1 in a triangle and 1 in a circle ( I've attached a photo for your reference)

The garage have tried to get rid of this message using their computer but unable to clear it now are suggesting that I should take it to Toyota themselves. The message code displaying on their computer is C1346 (again I have attached the photo for your reference)

Has anyone come across this problem after getting the rear brake pads changed? Does anyone know what this issue could be?

Also the electronic handbrake seems to be working as it should be.

So I'm just a bit baffled as to what the issue could be. Before I book it in to see Toyota any ideas as to what the problem is?

Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you



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it needs re-calibrated.

Konrad will be along shortly to tell you of his experience or you could search the forum.

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Thanks Scott.
I see the problem straight away. Delphi didn't work for me, only TechStream and it was ridiculously simple, if you know what you are doing!

There is a 'paperclip' method, where terminals 4 and 12 are linked and with ign on, the parking brake button is pulled a few times, then pushed a few times. This method did not work for me, but give it a try. Delphi could not delete the codes either. I had two codes C1346 and C1336. 

I have the J2534 mini vci cable, old version of TechStream on an old netbook running XP. Also Delphi is loaded on the same netbook, with the Delphi USB/OBD cable.

You can read the fixes below. Hopefully the brake pads were installed properly or the pistons could jam or the inner pads wear unevenly.

Also as you will read below, there is a calibration of the brakes. This doesn't need to be done, especially if you don't have the kit to do the calibration. Beware of diagnostic scanners that have 'reset parking brake'. It doesn't work for the Avensis and causes the codes, cautions and alerts. All it did was delete the clutch zero point calibration and the g-force calibration, hence the codes.  

I hope you find a Toyota specialist auto electrician or go to Toyota themselves. First try the paperclip trick linked below. Be careful to get the right terminals or you could blow the ECU fuse!
Good luck. 👍



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So I've been to Toyota and they have tried to re-calibrate but were unsuccessful. The lights on the dash are still shining bright!!!

What Toyota are saying now is they have to change the brake actuator assembly and then calibrate it which should resolve this issue. At a cost of around £1200 for parts and labour. 

After speaking to the service team, it doesn't sound very reassuring because they're saying "it should resolve the issue". The key word being "should"

So I'm thinking should I take a gamble and spend £1200 hoping the lights on the dash disappear or just live with them?

Also is it an MOT failure if the lights are on but the handbrake still works as it should?

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You could probably get another Avensis for that price... Look for one without the stupid EPB system, if you do, lol.

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