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Exact Device to Read OBD2 on O3 RAV 4-2 Diesel

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Hi All

Frustrated if If Orpington here.

Have read the many threads on OBD devices, read reviews and scoured the net for a reader that will read the fault code(S) on my 03 diesel. There are a huge range of these at many price breaks. Anyway, the one I purchased from Europarts doesn’t work with the RAV. But fin with my Jag diesel. Any suggestions

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It depends on a few things. I have different devices, one standalone system that does most OBD2 compliant cars, and a Netbook with a couple of systems. Techstream is on the Netbook and I also have Delphi. Techstream should work on your car. 
Toyota has a habit of using the 16 pin OBD2 socket in the car, but the car is not OBD2 compliant! I learnt this with my old '98 Avensis 7A-FE leanburn.
There is also the self diagnostic method which works with non OBD2 car, by linking pins 4 and 13 with a paper clip or stiff wire, then turn the key to ignition and read the EML flashes morse code style. 
Here are some images I sources for your info.



Look at the following document I made a few years back.

Toyota self Diagnostics.doc

I hope this helps.


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