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Toyota carina 2 car problems

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I've had a engine overhaul job which cost me over two grand and a half. I was royally screwed over by wessex motors. I had major problems finding parts for my old carburettor as parts have worn out the Toyota corolla carburettor from ebay did not agree with my engine. luckily after a long dead end of frustration someone managed to take parts of new carburettor to replace bits on the old carburettor. I had retuning done a fair few times but my car seems to guzzle like a houbik. I usually get five hundred to six hundred miles on a full tank but now I can only get two hundred and fifty miles on a full tank which sucks and seems very expensive to me. I had this problem ever since wessex motors have been playing with my engine in pieces - water in gearbox, put in water in radiator, did not put valves back in properly. I had to pay a further eight hundred and fifty pounds to put valves and a new gasket on the carburettor cause they didn't even bother to seal the carburettor back on the engine properly and then manage to have the old carburettor put back on but and supposedly tuned and running economically but still guzzles like a horse. under three hundred miles courtesy of wessex motors really stressed out about it and stuck at another dead end. tried almost everything 


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