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passenger footwell gets wet whenever it rains

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Hi, I recently bought a 1.8 1998 Toyota Celica sr, however with the recent downpours I have noticed the whole passengers side of the floor is soaked, and was wondering if anyone could help out with the problem as I don't know what it could be, also it is defiantly water coming in and not coolant, any help appreciated. 


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Hi, there are two likely ways for water to find it’s way onto passenger footwell. First one is from the A pillar and windscreen, somewhere alongside the rubber seal, you need to look for. Second common is to have water drainage holes blocked. Those are located somewhere under the Wiper Blades mechanics under the bonnet in the engine bay. You have to remove wipers, plastic surround and seal and try to find the holes. This happens to most cars especially those parked under trees and in a forest like conditions. 
Good luck 

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