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I've got just over £2200 to spend

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I do one or two 1 to 2 hundred mile journeys a month, but mostly local.

I've read several posts on this forum and there seems a vast knowledge of what I'd be buying into, I would like to thank you know for your replies.



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Petrol or diesel, auto or manual, max mileage and colour ?

it's a bit like going into a paint shop and asking for a tin of paint and not telling them what its for or the colour


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I'd be inclined to avoid diesel versions as those with potential head gasket issues are in this price range -  see 


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Hiya and welcome , this site is indeed great....

I have a 2006 petrol auto 4 door and you will read that generally the engines are bombproof ( fingers crossed ) ...

Mine's doing fine touch wood ; though a bad batch of diesels approx.2006 - 2009 so beware ; but not all of them...

They are not very economical( a big old engine now ) and a bit noisy on older models compared with other cars...

Mine is auto - anywhere from 26 to 36 mpg depending on time of year and yer right hoof....

But you'll find people here love them ; me too ; very comfortable ; powerful enough ; loads of space ; 

And if I could buy a new mk 2 or mk3  I would genuinely buy one tomorrow....

I had a mk4 for awhile ; great car but NO character...

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If I didn't already have mine, I would go for the 2nd on the list.  I agree the petrol is a better prospect, because of reliability and repair costs of the diesel.

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i wouldn't touch that, bald tires all round, and it's been up a curb hard and an unsafe modification, in other words it's been driven like that - if it's been treated like that you can be sure it hasn't been serviced

on another note has it just been slapped together cheaply to get it through an MOT

I get a feeling that is a trade or auction car


Edit, that's worth around the £2200-2500 retail and £800-1000 trade

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