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Tpms sensors


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Hello everyone 

I’m planning to fit steel 16 inch wheels with wither tyres to my car(currently 17 inch alloys with tpms)

Can I use these wheels without TPMS? Do you know if I will get a Warning light message about tyre pressure?

I’d rather get wheels with no tpms as they are costly and reprogram costs

thank You for Your help

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Yes, when you put the wheel without TPWS sensors on you will get the light on.  This will be an MOT failure if you need to get an MOT done while the winter wheels are on the car.

Will you be checking this with your insurer before committing?  Not sure if they will be bothered by the size change to 16".

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insurance is fine with it. They even more happy because winter/snow tyres provide more safety during the winter season


so maybe stick with current 17 inch wheels, just swap the tyres?


17 inch tyres itself is around £360 fitted


16inch wheels and tyres is around £360 fitted as well but without sensors.



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if you want to have a 2nd set of wheels with sensors you can use carista to reprogram the sensors to the car

here is a link for a short video showing how to do this


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