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How to play music via Bluetooth in a hands free-only car?

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I would like to know if it's possible to play music via bluetooth in a 2010 Toyota Avensis (T27), which only has a hands-free bluetooth.

read all there is to find on the internet about this, but didn't get any clear answer.

bluetooth/Aux adaptors look like a great alternative, but I fear that it will worsen my hands-free experience, as the Aux port is in the central glovebox.

USB isn't an option either as there is no USB port.

Radio transmitters not an option too, as it lacks the desired audio quality.

apologies for my English, as it's not my native tongue.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: also forgot to add, that the media player doesn't have a SATNav, it's a simple radio with a CD player.

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Maybe this simply will not work. bluetooth is based on certain profiles. Handsfree is one profile. It includes everything you need to pick up a phone call, hang up and transmit the voice. The basic handsfree profile also limits the frequency range of the audio signal to the lousy telephone quality.

A2DP is another profile. It enables the phone to stream music in high quality. Both the sender (phone) and the receiver (radio) have to support A2DP in order to communicate with each other. I know a Nissan Qashqai which is about the same age as your car, and it has the same problem: handsfree phone works flawlessly, but no other sound from the phone is played by the radio.

I would suggest trying certain workarounds. If your radio has an USB interface, you may simply store music on an USB stick. If you have an Aux socket, you may buy a cheap MP3 player for it.

I had a 2005 Citroen without any digital media access at all. The radio was equipped with a CD changer interface, but there was no changer. So I was able to buy an aftermarket digital media player which would fit to the CD changer interface. This media player came with a bluetooth extension and a microphone. So I could connect my phone with the thing and listen to music over the radio. I also could use my phone handsfree. However, most buttons on my audio control (such as next title/previous title) did not work anymore. Nevertheless it was a rather nice solution: I could listen to my music and use Google Maps at the same time. Whenever the nav system would say something, the music would go silent.

If you are interested in such a solution, just search for the brand "Yakumo", maybe they have something for your car.

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I just found your post by accident. If you had post in the Avensis section, I would have responded much sooner. Since you are non-UK based, you will need to search your areas market for the adapters. I have used different adapters and some vary in function and performance. Read the following post - 



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