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[Cheap Upgrade] Rav4 LED High Power Light Upgrades.

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Purchased some new high power LED front headlights for the rav4. They are abit of a squeeze to get in and you have to keep the rubber boot off but the difference in colour and brightness is immediate. Love them. They took around 5 days to arrive and were £25. best money spent. 

Here is the ebay link. Merry Christmas



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On 1/10/2020 at 5:45 PM, Avalon said:

Most of the cheap LED set-ups are pretty awful. Have a look at some of the reviews and pray your MOT tester is blind or DGAF.


That was an interesting read... I've been considering upgrading the led lamps in my excel but will exercise more caution and perhaps give the Phillips a go now... Many thanks Avalon!! 

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Sadly at this stage ‘acceptable’ LED’s for retrofitting to reflectors are few and far between, the industry has made significant improvements, but we’re still in a situation where the majority of cheap kits shouldn’t be fitted to a car (and that’s ignoring the requirement for e marking).

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