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2009 Toyota Avensis Estate Tourer - Diesel


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Hi. I just want to get some advice please. My 2009 Toyota Avensis Estate Tourer has 2 issues. They are probably related. The car is serviced once a year. I noticed in the last year that on start up, there is a serious amount of smoke outta the exhaust..it goes away then. Then about 2 weeks ago, i noticed that when i drive somewhere and park, a unit keeps noising for a minute or so. Brought it to the garage, he plugged out the 'throttle flap/ carborater unit' and the noise stopped. He said that he would see if he can get a second hand throttle flab/carboratur unit (which are 700 new apparently but he may source 2nd hand for 1/2 that). In the meantime, another 2 lights came on in the dashboard... that is the yellow triangle with exclamation mark with the words check parking brake system ALONG with the engine warning light.See attached photo..

Is it yer opinion that all these issues relate to the noise/carburator... i read somewhere that a dirty egr valve can cause this ...is it a case that it just needs to be cleaned..mechanic tells me that unlike earlier models, the egr value is quite a big job to get to and that if he gets to it and finds that its not dirty, he should insert a new throttle flap/carburator unit..

I should say i am not into cars too much and dont know much about them






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Hi I have a 2003 avensis estate 2ltr d4d and just today I removed the egr valve and cleaned it as for some reason when the engine is hot it drops its revs and I get a clattering noise like the injection pipes are vibrating. 

My Egr was on the rear of the engine and easy to get to when air filter box removed 

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