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SRS and EPS warning lights plus fuel gauge on


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Hi all,

Had a flat Battery 2011 IQ 1.3 and replaced it. Simple job two bracket nuts and two terminal bolts.All very straight forward and drives as normal no indications of a problem,battery 14.7 Vdc engine running.

When I stop and turn off the Car the fuel indication stays on , the SRS airbag warning light is on and the EPS powered steering warning light is on.

Haven't a clue so booked in next Thursday and will update in case it helps someone.

In the meantime if anyone has similar problems I'd like to know.Thanks.


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Local garage had it for 3hrs and declared they could not fix it as all components tested good. However alarms remained and it may be wiring, high resistance or earthing but testing did not show up anything.

I payed for the testing got in the car and all alarm indications are gone.

Conditions have been normal since.  Time will tell if by coincidence the fault is clear or remains intermittent.

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If you have a manual 1.33 with stop/start I Suspect you have a faulty/failing "Eco run convertor" its a power pack which maintains power supply when the car shuts off for stop/start and when faulty leaves circuits powered after the car is switched off, also sometimes the dash lights may flash after switching off.

To fix you need a new "Eco run converter" part numbers:

G92C0-52050 Eco run converter £98.16 + vat

90159-50385 x3 Bolt £0.95 ea +vat

F1334-74020 x1 Bracket £12.02 +vat

F1335-74020 x1 Bracket £6.42 +vat

Fitting is simple enough the "converter" is bolted to the gearbox 



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