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Bumper Re-haul

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Swapping front bumper/headlights from a pre-facelift CTS to face-lift style Corolla but was wondering if the bulb system is identical between the two? If anybody has a link which has all the fitment types that would be extremely helpful....

Would the fog light connections remain the same, i.e. will the wires and connections fit/clip into the housing in the same manner, or would I need to solder new connectors on?

Am hoping the actual headlights and bumper is a straight swap with no problems, with the under tray/arch liners etc connecting up in the same manner. The bumper itself is not the actual official face - lift T - Sport bumper, but just a general 2004-2007 one which I got off eBay, as I want to fit a front spoiler underneath which will replace the old rubbing strips on my pre-facelift bumper.

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