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Reverse Camera guide lines

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I sort of hyjacked another topic under the DRL topic I started, so I thought I'd start a proper separate one.

I just had a thought about the omission of the reverse cameras screen guidelines on the 2014 Aygo x-pression I have just bought.

What if I got hold of a replacement camera from a breakers yard which was breaking a Toyota Aygo, one of the later models, say from 2019, is it as easy as I'm thinking to just unplug the existing camera and plug in the new camera.  Surely the connector is near the camera and surely the access to it is easy on such a small car ?

I read earlier that the guidelines are in the camera itself and not on the cars head unit ??

Does anyone know from which year Toyota put the cameras guidelines back on the camera ?

What do you think ?

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I have sent a request out using one of those UK Breakers Yard Parts Finder websites and stated it must be a reverse camera from a Toyota Aygo 2018 onwards and hopefully will ensure it has the guidelines in the camera.

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On 1/28/2020 at 5:45 AM, Bitch1001 said:

My 2015 xcite doesn’t have them 


On 1/28/2020 at 6:44 AM, dave hendy said:

My wifes May 16 car Xcite doesn't have them

The lines were added in 2016. Depending when the car was built, not first registered, it may have guidelines. For example mine was first registered mid August 2016 and does have guidelines.

For a while, they weren't standard on the Yaris either.

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Thanks, that's why I have stated 2018, hopefully that should cover it.

There is one on eBay with a part number for £35, but it just states 2014 onwards mark 2. Could be any year !!

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Are the reversing lines fixed or moving?

are they definitley in the camera? not in a head unit software update?

can you use a camera of a Yaris or Aventis or even an ebay one to replace original?

many thanks

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The guidance is part of the camera and firmware combined, you could fit an aftermarket camera as its simple a composite NTSC signal and the oem camera is powered from the stereo (5V iirc) the guidance lines are just an overlay image injected into the signal

i will dig some part numbers up,


aygo cam.JPG

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