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handbrake cable adjustment

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Hi all,

Has anyone adjusted the handbrake on their MK2?

I need to replace my rear pads and I think I need to loosen the handbrake cable inside the car as there is not enough slack at the back wheels to disconnect it from the caliper, or even remove the caliper without disconnecting it.

Before I start dismantling things, I wonder if anyone can point me to the easiest way to get to the adjuster?


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The cable adjustment is on the side of the lever. You shouldn't need to touch it tbh, remove the caliper bolts and it should give you enough room to slip the end of the cable out

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I think it was adjusted too tight when I purchased it, as there is literally no slack when the handbrake is released. I can just about move the caliper about 5mm - not enough to take it off the carrier, and the cable cannot be pulled far enough to release it from the caliper.

Looking at an online EPC, it seems it is accessed from above, but I guess I need to remove the back part of the centre console to get at it:




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I have adjusted mine, it's easy.

Remove the handbrake cover panel from the handbrake lever, it just pops off.

You can use a smallish screwdriver or plastic lever to ease it off.

This will expose the lever assembly, revealing the left and right cables with locknuts.

I think their 10mm nuts, usually it's just a small adjustment required, then tighten the 2 nuts together to secure.

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