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Celica GT-Four - ST205

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Hi there,

longtime lurker, first time poster here.

Car details:
ST205 - 3S-GTE - 1994 - Manual

Do you guys happen to know if the Engine Repair Manual with the number RM396E is applicable to a Celica GT-Four, ST205? Or is there a standalone manual for the 1994 3S-GTE specifially, in addition to the supplemental manual? The reason I'm asking specifically is because the RM396E manual has 1993 written on the cover and inside it says applicable to st202. 

I've found them both on the web: https://www.gtfour.ch/info/buecher.php?id=info&code=buecher - RM398E - 3S-GTE Engine Repair Manual Supplements

                                                     https://procarmanuals.com/pdf-online-toyota-3s-ge-engine-service-and-repair-manual-pub-no-rm396e/ - RM396E - Engine Repair Manual 1993.

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Hi there,

Well, they both apply to the 3S-GTE. The thicker manual, RM396E, covers the 3S-GE engine in it’s entirety. 
For the 3S-GTE you’ll need to look in the supplement, RM398E, in order to see what’s specific for your engine. If something (which is a lot) isn’t covered in that, the information is covered in the thicker one, as it applies to both engines. They are to a great externt the same engine. 

So, it’s pretty much what it says on the cover. 

The 1993 you can disregard, these workshop manuals were never intended to be read by the likes of you and I, but rather exclusively by Toyota mechanics. The manual itself was certainly produced in 1993, and distributed to Toyota workshops so that they could get themselves familiar with them, that’s all.

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