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Tapping noise from internal trim?

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Hi all,

Recently an occasional tapping noise has started coming from somewhere around the back of the interior of my 2012 3 door Aygo. It seems to coincide more with changes of direction rather than general vibrations. I've ruled out anything that was in the boot or around the spare wheel or the parcel shelf. It sounds like it coming from higher up than that. Based on the sound, my best guess would be a wire flapping about behind the interior trim. Any suggestions of other easy things to check before I start taking things apart? Does anyone know which route the wires for the rear lights take?

It's had a rattle from the internal trim in cold conditions for years which I've put up with because it goes away as the car warms up. I think it's coming from the area around the passenger side back window as the plastics are a bit loose on that side but this sounds like something else and since it's not going away, I'd like to hunt it down!


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