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09 plate yaris sr stereo issues

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My 58 plate Yaris SR NAV( I replaced the NAV with a Pioneer avh-x3500dab got written off while I was stationary and 4 cars ploughed into the back.

I'm ok and I found a 09 plate but in trying to swap out the factory stereo and fit my pioneer I came across a few changes despite the cars being about 5 months apart.

First change is the aerial, instead of the larger DIN plug its the Toyota bespoke square plug. 

Second is AUX. the new car has a AUx plug near the handbrake console

the other problem is DAB.

Now i'm not generally fussed by any of these issues as I rarely if ever use them, but I really like to get the system fully wired up ( don't like jobs half done)

my questions are :

1.Now because the adaptor I have for the aerial has a blue wire i'm assuming that Yaris aerial is amplified and I have to connect this wire to a 12v source , this would also mean I cant use one of those dab/fm splitter cables ?

2.on the front of the original stereo there is a button that says am-dab so this begs the question is the aerial actually passive despite the presence of the wire ?or does the DAB refer to the optional DAB system that could be fitted ?

3. I assume the AUX connection on the console uses the original stereo cd feed and thus cannot be wired into a harness so I can plug into the pioneer 3.5mm aux input ?

4. Lastly I can just install the DAB windscreen aerial I have but I have to route around the SRS airbag filled pillar and dump it on the screen. Halfords fitted a t-bar system on the dash but its never worked. Ideally I'd like to run it into the existing aerial on the roof 

5. Lastly there is this random grey plug that wasn't plugged in the old stereo and doesn't fit the pioneer harness. I'm curious what it is for .

I could just say sod it and not bother with the aerial,aux or dab but I really like to get the complete setup.


any help would be appreciated









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You got the aerial adapter. For benefit of others look for PC5-166 - https://catalog.autoleads.co.uk/catalog/radio-replacement-and-audio-fitting-antenna-adaptors/pc5-166
I can't help woth the DAB part.

You may have to wire a separate AUX socket as the original is part of the harness between the factory audio unit to the socket. When I added my Bluetooth/USB adapter for my Avensis, got a AUX/USB socket and fitted in place of the original, in the centre console. The one below is slightly different socket, but same cable.

 USB AUX Adapter Socket 3.5mm Jack Car Dashboard Mounted Extension Cablehttps://www.ebay.co.uk/i/232057564811?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=710-134428-41853-0&mkcid=2&itemid=232057564811&targetid=878706529565&device=c&mktype=pla&googleloc=9044990&poi=&campaignid=9794971182&mkgroupid=98649237743&rlsatarget=aud-629407026905:pla-878706529565&abcId=1139126&merchantid=7254364&gclid=CjwKCAjwtqj2BRBYEiwAqfzur8F_POPXDJws-om6E9wl_KvaSDj-xBZKHwG_B2P72z78ukg75y3tBBoC6TgQAvD_BwE

Quick question. Does your original factory unit have auto level control, linked to the cars speed. Does the Pioneer support this function or you loose it?

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in order

1.yes it does

2. dab uses its own aerial feed from the roof top aerial (electronics in the base of the aerial), DAB would have been an optional module

3. As above, tho the quality of some of the oulets is a bit errm...................... iirc you can get the lead to use the oem outlet

4. i have had good success in the past with the connect2 kits - fitting is just that, run it up the A pillar

5. its the plug for the CD changer its common to find them taped up to the loom when not fitted

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