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6 gen wont start

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Hey gang, I'm new here, and to celicas and i need a bit of help. So for a backstory, I bought a project Celica for $600 AUD and it was hesitant to start when i picked it up,  but it does run and drive, but i think i have an issue with the starting system, because it is VERY temperamental sometimes it will start onces,  sometimes twice in a row,  but never more than that. 

So as to not waste your time,  

I know its not the Battery as i have it on a Battery tender when im not working on the car. 

I dont think it is the starter, because i removed it and it ran fine when it wasnt in the car. 

I replaced the starter solenoid relay, and the car is grounded well at all contact points.

I suspected the clutch safety switch being tempremental, so i bypassed that,  and it helped *somewhat*

When i turn the key to try to start,  I hear the solenoid pop (just once for every time i turn the key)  and then there is a faint buzzing. 

I have never gotten the car started consistently enough to find a pattern as to what helps it start, so i would absolutely love if you guys had any insight. 

I feel like the buzzing i hear when i turn the key is the starter running.  So would it make sense that the flywheel is warped and preventing the starter from making contact (or maybe even the flywheel missing some teeth? 


Thanks ever so much


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