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2020 Camry: Exhaust Particulate Filters

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Whilst reading up waiting for my new Camry to arrive I see that there is a particulate filter fitted to the exhaust of the new hybrid Camry (Remember: it's a petrol engine).

Having previously had a number of modern diesel engined cars, some of which seemed to be forever clogging their DPF filters, brought me to wonder; do I have to do a long run above a certain speed once in a while to keep the exhaust particulate filter clean or does it just work, whatever my driving cycle is like.

I'd be pleased to hear back from anyone with any experience - many thanks in advance!

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Petrol engines are being fitted with DPFs to comply with Euro 6 d emission regs.

As petrol burns at a lower temperature than diesel, I would imagine that there would be less 'left over' from the combustion cycle and as such there is less chance of clogging.

You could always put the car into power mode and give it a good thrash.... 😈 

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