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Corolla Verso ventilator for heating/cooling

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I have Corolla Verso 2007, D-4D 2.2 100kW. The car has 380.000km.

It seems I have a problem with ventilator(?) for cooling/heating ventilation for cabine.

The symptoms are that air flow is very low. Sometimes the power increaes but just temporary. And the problem is with cooling also with heating so I dont suppose it is a problem of clim gas.

Also yesterday, I had no air flow at all. Key off / on didnt solve it. But when I off thermal comfort panel and on again, it was OK. 

I suppose there is problem with ventilator which I guess distribute the air inside the vehicle whatever the air is cold or hot.

But I have no idea where could be this ventilator located.

Could you advice me? Thank you, Martin

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First thing to check is the cabin air / pollen filter, on a standard Corolla its located behind the glove box , just above the fan.

If its not been changed for a long time it will probably be very dirty /blocked.

If thats ok, I would suspect a problem with the blower fans resistor module, however, again on the standard Corolla, its location can depend on if you have a manual or automatic A/C.

Could be other causes, but would have the above checked out first.


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