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2014 Corolla 1.4 D4D Cruise Control issues

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Hi everybody ,I am new hear that is my first posting on this forum. This forum helped me a lot in the past fixing things for my Toyota and saving money also and want to say a big massive thanks for you guys.

Now,in regards with my question, I have a 2014 Corolla recently bought. It is the 1.4 D4D diesel version with 1ND-TV type of engine , model NDE180R-DEFDXW.  As far as I can say , cruise control it is optional for this particular model. I badly need the cruise control as per work long distance motorway journeys that I am doing daily.

After doing many researchers on line and in particular on this forum Ive found that the cruise control module it is installed on this particular model NDE180R-DEFDXW that I have and it is just a matter of connecting the stalk. I have ordered the Stalk Swich Stalk Switch 84632 as per diagram says ,  went to a mechanic yesterday and was able installed it for me but it is not working.

The cruise control symbol doesn't even light up on the dashboard. Please help if something else needs to be done in order to make this work for my car. Does it needs to be activate it in any sort or form? 
Here is the diagram for this particular model where it is clearly stated that the Cruise Control can be added ->

I am very aware that the 2007-2013 diesel version of  Corollas equipped with the same  1ND-TV engine , cruise control was not  able to be installed as I owned a 2008 model prior with this new model that I have now.

Any help in this matter will be highly appreciated.
Kind regards

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Did any one pm you, I have 1.4d manual touring excel 2013. So want cruise but it was never even a dealer option, main dealer states they won’t fit it as it won’t work ?

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