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Someone is selling a ratty prius fo 600£, how bad are these torque stats.


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The car is a 04 prius, ratty all round, bangs bumps. Been sitting for 4 months 200k miles ex taxi, got an error for cat efficency so the cat may have been replaced but the seller is adamant the cat has not been stolen..( Is there anyway to find out?)

Anyway how bad are these stats, is it worth buying this ratty 04 prius with 200k miles?


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A missing cat sounds a lot louder than a lawnmower (as I know from bitter experience), but Donepree is wondering if it has been stolen and replaced. A replacement Cat might actually be better than a 200K old Cat, but if the car has been standing 4 months a good long run might sort it out. 

For £600, if everything works and you want a Prius I'd go for it- perhaps try to negotiate the price down a bit as there won't be much competition for an ex taxi with that mileage. The HV Battery may well be fine for another 50K and then is the time to scrap the car, having enjoyed your £600 worth.

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