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Aygo Clutch Replacement

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My daughter’s 2012 Aygo has a very high bite point on the clutch and I suspect that it will soon need replacing.

Is it a difficult home job? Are there any problems / tricks I should know of?

It’s several years since I’ve tackled a job like this but there’s no way that she can stand the £500+ the garage will want.

TIA, Ed.

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Aygos have a naturally high clutch bite point, so it may not need replacing. My 2013 Aygo really only fully engages at the last inch of travel.

I have my seat slightly further back than previous other non Aygo cars I've owned to compensate.

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For a long time now clutch is self adjusting, so you cant really judge how much it's been used up based on the pedal travel.

If it's not slipping, nothing to worry about.

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Just bear in mind that the Aygo clutch doesn't self adjust as it's cable operated. It's worth checking the free play once a year to prolong the life of the clutch.

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