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Head lamp condensation


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Hi all,

I noticed my offside head lamp is building up condensation during winter. I saw its a bit of a mission to get the headlamp out as I need to undo the bumper to get at the side bolts. 

My MOT is due next month so thought I would start investigating. Anyone else had the same issues on the T25 facelift Avensis?


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I have taken the rubber seal off the high beam and the plastic cover off the main head light. Will let it dry out and then get a hair dryer on it.

Does anyone know where the breather or venting pipes are on these head lamps? I have seen them as funny rubber tubes on other cars and didn't know what what were?


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UPDATE: I got a hair dryer it and as I looked in the back where the rubber seal was. I could see water in behind the reflective part in the back of the head lamp making waves from the hair dryer. So mission for the week end is to loosen the bumper and take out the head lamp for further investigation...

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