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Rattle noise when clutch depressed in first gear

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Hi, all my 2010 2.2 d4d makes a rattle clanking noise only when travelling slowly in first gear and clutch is depressed.  Car has done 69000. Drives perfectly in all gears and no issues. If for instance I'm in first gear in  stop start traffic and press clutch I get the noise. I'm lead to believe it's not an uncommon issue and there was possibly a tsb about it. Any thoughts ideas would be much appreciated. 


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When the clutch is pressed and the car is in gear (car stationary or moving slowly) the clutch friction plate is stationary or rotating very slowly whilst the flywheel and pressure plate are rotating at engine speed.There is no torsional force on the DMF or friction plate so the springs within these units can rattle - it’s quite common. As the clutch is released - the springs are compressed so the rattling stops. I wouldn’t be too concerned if the noise remains consistent. 

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