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P1272 (Closed malfunction of the pressure discharge valve)

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Dear Forum 🙂,

I'm getting the error code P1272 (info below) in my 2005 Corolla 1.4 D4D saloon.

Does anyone know what replacement part will eliminate this problem?

Thank you for any information.


P1272 (Closed malfunction of the pressure discharge valve):
The pressure discharge valve will open and discharge the internal fuel pressure from the common rail assembly to the fuel tank when the ignition switch is turned off. In this event, the ECM compares the actual drop rate of the internal fuel pressure and the target drop rate. If the ECM judges that the actual drop rate is smaller than the target, the ECM then judges that the valve is stuck closed and stores this DTC. This DTC will be stored if the internal fuel pressure does not drop to the target after the ignition switch has been turned off.

If this DTC is stored, the ECM enters fail-safe mode and limits engine power. The fail-safe mode continues until the ignition switch is turned off.

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Diag process says check fuel supply from filter to Pump, check for contamination or debris blocking the fuel filter or fuel pick up gauze in tank. I have seen this code a fair few times where a black sludge bio matter has grown in the diesel fuel in the fuel tank, it clogs the pick up gauze and clogs the filter. 

Beyond that the diag become much more involved perhaps register and pay for a few hours access here: and you can access the full repair manual for your car.

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Thank you for your reply 🙂.

I really appreciate it.

Would you have any info on the Toyota-specific  cable that can be connected to a laptop to view diagnostic information? I believe it's available on eBay.

I know it's on the Forums somewhere, but I can't find it (after searching).

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