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Electrical issues after replacing broken drive belt.

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I’m hoping someone can shed some light on the issues I’m having with my corolla 1.8 t sport 52 plate?

After the drive/serpentine belt snapped I fitted a new one following the diagram to ensure the belt was correctly fed around the pulleys.

after installation I started the car and the power steering came back straight away, lights brightened and the engine was ticking over nicely with no knocks or unusual sounds.

After driving the car around 200m down the road, all of a sudden the lights went out, dashboard lit up then went out all together and the electric windows, power steering and lights went back out. I drove the car back home and put the batter on charge. 

after leaving it charge I tried again and the power steering still does not work, the windows will not work and the dash, radio and centre console will also not come back on.

Has anyone else had this issues as the engine starts and drives fine. Any help or advise would be appreciated. 


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