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Entune 3 registration?

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Hi. I have a new 2020 Camry; I think it has the Entune 3 info system. It seems to work fine, bluetooth, maps etc. It's a pity there seems to be no sign of Android Auto coming, but c'est la vie.

I haven't "registered with Entune 3.0". Registration requires entering the VIN, so identifies the car. Is there any advantage/disadvantage in delaying doing this? I'm not sure what benefits become available after registration. I wonder if delaying registration for a year or so will delay the start of the inclusive subscriptions for map updates etc? That might be worthwhile, since I don't need map updates yet.



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Entune is the system used for the US and some other countries, whereas Europe uses the Touch 2 systems. Should be able to register the unit via Toyota Ireland, My Vehicles - https://www.toyota.ie/tme?#/my-toyota/vehicle

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Ah interesting thanks. I didn't realise we in Europe have a different infotainment system.

I still wonder though if there's an advantage in holding off and delaying the online registration of the unit? Being a new model, I assume it has no need for map updates yet. Does the 3-year map subscription only begin when registered?


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Would have thought the free map subscription would start when the car was first registered, rather than the multimedia unit.

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