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My 1990 Supra 3 Litre Turbo

John Bruce Sim

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It is with much regret that I must move house to Sheltered Living.  This is the reason that I must sell both my Supra and MG cars as I can not take them to my proposed new home.  I purchased the Supra on 6th June 2007 and she now has 130,000 miles on the clock.  I understand that she has never failed an MoT test and the current MoT is valid until 19th March 2021, (She has just passed again!).  In 2017 I had the rear end rebuilt, all the underseal renewed and other works. She is now "Strong as an Ox". (the garage who carried out this work will confirm this).  She does however require a paint job.

Prior to advertising her for sale generally I wondered if any member would be interested in taking her on, bearing in mind the required spray job.

It would be nice to know that she has moved on to someone with an interest in, and loves Supras as I do.  The MG I think will go to a member of the MG Car Club.

I hope to hear from any interested member soon.

Bruce Sim

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That is a shame, John...I love the Supra...though I'm not in a position to take it on. I reckon that if you price it accordingly (some indication of what you want would be helpful) then someone out there will be interested for sure..

The Supra is well liked and respected car.


Hope all goes well for you.

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