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Front discs and pads

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Hi guys.

I have a 2009 1.6 petrol verso and I need a set of front discs and pads. Which ones do you recommend? 

In the past, Iv been very happy with Pagid brake pads but they were oem for my old car. Dnt know who is for toyota.

I dnt mind paying more for good quality parts though

Thanks in advance.

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9 hours ago, My first toyota said:

Are bosch the oem for toyota?

You decide.  That's a genuine Avensis rear pad.  Inside the little square in the middle, it says Pagid.


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Thats confusing because it says Bosch on those brake pads too.

Ill have to take a look at blueprint but Im siding more with Pagid simply because Iv used them before. Ill.post back with prices because I want to speak to my local toyota dealer too.

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Don't go to Toyota for brake pads, they'll take your trousers down.  Phone a couple of your local motor factors and ask them for the price and the availability of the parts that you want.

It says Bosch because it is a Bosch braking system.

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After getting some recommendations from my local trusty mot tester/mechanic I've gone for blueprint discs and juratec brake pads. The lockdown is causing problems with supplies but to be honest so far so good. Price was reasonable too.

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I've been using Juratek pads for years in many different makes of car and had no problems at all, I highly recommend them.

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