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Voice recognition not available

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Hello guys.

I am the new owner of an Auris Touring Sport Hybrid, manufactured in 2016. The car is sol+ with all the stuff.
The problem I noticed is that if I click on the TALK button:

  1. a window appears telling what commands you can use, then disappears after a maximum of one second, disappears so quickly that I cannot read what it writes, or
  2. the message voice recognition not available appears.

The navigation is in English.
I had the phone connected via bluetooth.
Soft: 4.4.1.WH

I made an account on My Toyota, I putted the navigation id, that long code. Strangely, it tells me to download applications that I already have installed and an older software than it has already installed.

I went into a hidden menu, gave a factory reset, asked me to select the language, put in English. I pressed the TALK button and entered the voice recognition menu, I pressed the call button, but due to  the fact it was recently reset, I had no one on in contact list.
I connected the phone, saved some contacts and when I clicked on TALK again, surprise ... it doesn't work anymore. The menu appears and disappears immediately or says it is not available.

I tried again these morning. I gave factory reset, and it went into that menu. Then it didn't want to work anymore.

Do you have any idea why this is happening?



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Hi I hope you’re well. We have an auris 2014 excel. We had to update the software and it’s currently running 2019 autumn version as previously it was running an older version. The Toyota dealership said that there is a high and low version of this system. The high version provides commands and the low version uses the phone to send commands. You need to check if it’s a high or low version. You may need to pay to get the updated sat nav as the current one is still 2019. 

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