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Hybrid Long term Costs

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Hi all.

Im new to the Toyota forum, I drive a 2017 AYGO right now, 2yrs in June 2020.  I would really like to have a hybrid and the new corolla looks very nice. Having no hybrid experience I was hoping someone would be able to tell me the real world long term costs of running one of the 1.8l or 2.0l hybrid engines.

I currently do mostly town driving in a rural area with about 25% motorway driving and I’m getting 50mpg out of the 1.0l engine. 
As my son gets older we need some more space, the AYGO is starting to feel small. 

Any help or advice would be very much appreciated.

thanks 👍🏻👍🏻

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I don't know about actual costs but my typical commute is 8 miles single lane main road (50 mph) and 1.5 miles urban (congested in the evening). I'm currently (winter) averaging ~52 mpg. I drove 180 miles to North Wales and back last weekend which was mostly motorway at 60 mph. I averaged 55 mpg.

I've owned the car for 12 months and over the summer I was typically getting ~60 mpg on the commute and close to 70 mpg on long motorway trips.

Hybrids are of most benefit in an urban setting (there are reports of taxi drivers getting over 70 mpg!) and on motorways will only beat your Aygo if you keep the speed down. The 1.8 might be able to cruise at 70 mph and average 50 mpg, but I doubt that the 2.0 could.

The above figures are all measured pump to pump. For more examples see here:



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You will find the cost of a hybrid, model by model is a lot more expensive then a petrol model. But of course you get more back for a hybrid then a petrol model.          
A lot of car owners change to hybrid for environmental reason ie less exhaust pollution. It is rather satisfying driving past a school by the roadside when you are driving on Battery ie no pollution.           
Mpg is another reason why hybrids are purchased. When a hybrid is driven and the petrol engine is being used you can reckon getting about same mpg as the petrol model, possibly a bit less as a hybrid has a heavy Battery. However, you can easily be averaging at least 50% of your journey on Battery so fuel economy can be very good.               
Al of depends on the drivers right foot as to what fuel economy one gets. I sure I no need to explain.               
Fuel economy will alter from summer to winter. Much more mpg in summer then winter, up to approx 10mpg. This is due to the cold weather, engine runs more. The. There are darker nights meaning lights are on, taking energy out of the system. Add in, cabin heater, heated rear window, demister etc and it’s easy to understand what’s going on.  Get a day like today, 12degree C, and you start to see mpg improving.       
Remember with Toyota hybrids there is not a starter motor, alternator, nor a clutch to go wrong (expensive repair/replacement)               
My insurance seems reasonable, but that depends on the individual.              
What you do get is an extremely smooth driving experience, no gear changing, the e-cvt transmission has no gears, and is therefore so relaxing.          
I have been driving for 54 years, and love my Prius, it’s like this is what I been waiting for all my life.            
And don’t forget, Toyota have been designing and building hybrid cars for over 20 years, they know a thing or two about them.

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The non hybrid models are cheaper but probably depreciate more than a hybrid. Hybrids more in demand due to more Cities getting Ultra Low Emission zone charging and therefore hopefully better residuals.

I have a 2015 Auris Hybrid Icon plus and its very good. £10 worth of fuel gets me 100 miles. As mine is Pre April 2017 its currently zero road tax. I have the estate version for more room. It wasn't cheap though at £14,590. It had 25,800 miles when bought.

May upgrade in 4-5 years and get a corolla 1.8 hybrid, when price is lower.


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